End Boss

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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2019


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I am Varon of the Ravan family. The successor to one of the 5 great families that support the empire. I am a duke. And I am this story’s end boss. But I am also Ragnarok the great evil dragon, the Serpent king. I held power, title, glory and wealth and a easy life but I have given it up to be with her. My beloved. The red witch. The one who’s hated by all but me. She’s whose condemned by god.
But today I will free her from her cage. I have prepared for every possible hindrance. I can’t afford to lose. My crimes are long. I will break her lock. I’ve lead and started wars from the shadows. I have imprisoned the souls of many and now my legions burn this empire. I have thrown this world into chaos. I am ready today the hero dies.
So to break her free I shall slay the god that holds her. Even if the world dies in the process. I will get here back. For I am the evil dragon and she my evil goddess. And I will have her back. I hear her call. I miss her voice that just yesterday I could hear. The one called hero will not slay me for I know. I know I am this story’s end boss.
How do I know this I am this story’s end. Because I am also a man from earth. And the ending to this story. I shall change it. See long dead is the man from earth. Long dead is the argonaut noble human. Long dead is the powerful dragon. Now there's only me Varon. A lonely man named Varon. But today I will be with her again. I am the end boss. But this time I shall slay the hero. I am Varon. At first I was simply Varon then Ragnarok memory’s came. Then the whispers that haunted me became her voice.
Then the memory’s from earth came and with them so did a chance. A chance to be with her. A chance for victory. A chance for the end boss to win. It is time. Let’s begin the story.
Can I best the other bosses?Can I defeat the coming hero? Am I allowed a happy ending after all that I have done?


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