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Author: Hungri
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 2
Language: English
Year started: 2019


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 8629
Rank by popularity: 18247
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Xiao Wen is a legendary almighty cultivator. He was a trash-to-genius main character, so he basically had a one-in-a-lifetime talent in cultivation.
Indeed, we can all relate to being called the filth of society only to grow up and squash all those people who called us that like ants beneath our boots!
Amazing! Thrilling! Exhilarating!
So what does Xiao Wen do when he has reached the peak of cultivation and conquered his entire world? Relax and enjoy life, you say? Wrong! He ascends to a higher realm to become super weak and repeat the same process all over again! Wow!
But, what happens to all the people he has left behind in his old world? Do they just stand still praying for his success and hoping he will remember them later on? No! They’re living, breathing, beings too! They will cultivate, learn from his struggles and even ascend the realm as well!
Then, what of the women he has left behind? Will they cultivate and ascend as well, just to find and renew their infatuation with the man who abandoned them? Here have an egg, cause that’s the wrong answer!
The women, correction, woman, he left behind is Ye Li! And it just so happens that she is itching to squash a certain bug named Xiao Wen beneath both her boots and not-soon-to-be-born childrens boots!
This is her story!




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