Galataea Crystallim: Redux

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Galataea Crystallim: Redux
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Author: Scottf14
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 108
Language: English
Year started: 2019


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 8580
Rank by popularity: 755
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In a time of myth and legend, an author started to write a story about a place where sexy people did sexy things. That story, Galataea Crystallim: Chronicles of the Lonely World, went on hiatus due to a desire to rewrite it with more immersion and a great eye for detail.
Welcome home.
In the distant future, humanity has spread outward to the stars through the usage of cryogenic suspension and light speed capable ships. One group of humanity, formed from various different ancient Earth nations, settled on a planet that would become known as Galataea.
Over time, the flora and fauna of the world, even the atmosphere and the speed in which the planet revolved changed. It was as though the world itself wanted to welcome those children from a distant star. In time a new race of beings emerged on the planet.
Humans now live alongside a race of crystalline beings capable of taking on the forms of strange and beautiful monster girls known as Crystallim. Their one desire.. to get closer to that special someone who they can truly connect with on an emotional and sexual level.
Mature Content Warning: 18+ Graphic sexual content, Obscenities, Adult Situations, and Monster Girls


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