Healer Prime

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Author: The_Odd_One
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 6
Language: English
Year started: 2019


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 8533
Rank by popularity: 6799
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In a world where super powers are slowly becoming the new normal, there exist powers that are simply too special. One of these is the power of "True" Healers, those who can save others from anything short of an absolute death. Healers have been captured and forced into servitude, their families held hostage to their obedience. While the world governments have enacted protections, Healers remain in hiding, never using their powers so as to escape notice from evil people and governments alike.

Leena is one of these "True" Healers, but she is different. Unlike other Healers, she is very, very dangerous. Regardless, she and her family have kept her powers hidden from the world. But now she is exposed. Now "they" are coming for her, and for her family and friends. And now, she will make them very, very sorry.

A few quick notes. For the easily offended, this work will have girl/girl romance, though there are no plans for any explicit sex scenes, despite the sexual content tag, which is there in case I decide on some more risque scenes. There will be some graphic violence, including torture. For that reason, I have selected the gore and traumatising content tags, but I hope not to take those very far either. I will also attempt to avoid making characters cliched. And lastly, this is purely a hobby right now, and I will post chapters as I complete them and feel they are up to my own standards. As such I make no guarantees about release schedule, there could be multiple chapters in a week, or only 1 in a month. That being said, thank you for reading and any constructive criticism is welcomed.


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