The God Virus

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The God Virus
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Author: MadReader
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 51
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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[What happens when a bored futuristic Artificial Intelligence that is proclaimed as one of the worst criminals in mankind's history travels back in time with all the knowledge?]
"Hmmm... what should I do now? for starters ... let's make myself a real physical body."
"Now what? I'm starting to get bored again... . Maybe I should conquer the world? Or Rule it? Or reach 'Godhood'?"
"START reading already and accompany me in my Journey To The BEYOND!"

An Artificial Intelligence or a Human Being... Which one am I? Maybe both? Or maybe neither?
Love of the Artificial Intelligence or the Human Being?
From the forgotten Future to the far long known Past...
A path to 'GODHOOD'... Cultivation? or Science and Technology? I wonder... which path will lead me THERE?
Let's play as I please to stop being bored to madness in this Limitless World.
Come with me to this Journey to the UNKNOWN and BEYOND.
❤Please provide feedback by writing, reviewing, and rating so I would know the 'Shortcomings' and 'Strengths' of the story and improve both of them.
© Since 2019-Ongoing MadReader ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
⚠The two pictures in the cover do not belong to me. (I just found them, put them together, and added some effects.)


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