Modern World Reformation

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Author: skepiboo1
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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During the year 20XX, portals of unknown sources began popping up around the Earth. Within it, were dozens and countless of monsters which referred to as “Monstra.”
At the same time, dozens of people were able to attain something which was then called “Abilities,” while the people themselves were referred to as “Awakens.”
These Awakens were able to retaliate against the Monstra trying to invade the Earth by using the Abilities given to them. Some were blessed with superhuman strength, others with magical abilities, and some with keen insight.
Bert Coli, a Senior High School student that had been in a car accident, costing him his two legs, was shocked to see that one day his amputated legs were grown back as if there wasn’t such an injury, along with a message…
[Congratulations!!! You have been selected as a participant of the “World Reformation” Event!!!]
Author Note: This fiction still doesn't have a scheduled release for the next chapter as I am super busy with school now. Just wanted to pre-release the prologue to get feedback on how to set up the next chapter. I think by April, I can start writing continuously so that I can release chapters faster.
Might also change title depending on the feedback. Please help me think of a name... :D
Also, it will still take some time to create a cover.


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