Gloomhaven: Glorious Gatherers

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Gloomhaven: Glorious Gatherers
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Author: Trikki
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2019


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 8416
Rank by popularity: 4727
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Gloomhaven is a tabletop RPG with dungeon-crawling and character-building aspects. It has a fairly unique combat system and a campaign mode with non-linear storyline. Be warned that reading this fiction will contain spoilers about Gloomhaven's story. Although this novel is a "fanfic", you don't need to know the original material to enjoy the story.
This novel is somewhat of an experiment for me, to be honest; even I have no idea where the story is heading, as this is my first playthrough of the game. I'll be rounding out the plot as I go, using the game as a framework but expanding on it to make it more fitting for a novel. I can't claim that everything would go well, but hey—I have high hopes and big dreams.
Hopefully you'll enjoy reading the story just as much as I enjoy playing the game.

"People gather lots of things; there's much that they adore.Money comes to mind first, but there's also much-much more.Some people gather experience, or more precisely, levels.Others collect memories—places seen on their travels.Some gather reputation, and political power,For others, it's ancient artifacts what they desire.
Whichever their goal, if they hear the call,The Glorious Gatherers will collect it all!"

— the unofficial hymn of the Glorious Gatherers,written by Craig and vetoed by Vera

Credits:Game from Isaac ChildresArt from Axelandr Elichev


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