A healthy mind in a healthy body

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A healthy mind in a healthy body
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Status: Ongoing
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Year started: 2019


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288 A.D, he was born.
297 A.D, he realised he had evil impulses.
298 A.D he heard of Anthony of Egypt, and sought to follow his example to learn how to suppress his impulses.
303 A.D, he saw his people be persecuted.
306 A.D, his world changed thrice, the persecutions ended forever, this fact and his hermit lifestyle brought him peace which came with strange abilities, and through them he joined the Hidden Side of the World, back then not yet hidden.
307 A.D, he sought for a way to cure myself, yet he stumbled across something more. A reckless ritual connected him to a well of knowledge, driving him insane and immortal, causing him to be treated as a commodity in the supernatural community, an Oracle.
2019 A.D, its been 1712 years, and the lusitanian has ended up in the other side of the world in less than wholesome hands, a place which may have answers about the mysteries of his abilities, when an unexpected event cuts the connection and his sanity and mortality return.
Gaius Atiius Quadratus will not forget this kindness.

The MC is based on the monk class of many rpgs, but the story isn't Litrpg. Also he will gain non monk abilities after a while.
Fair warning I don't understand the rating system but I'll say M-rated just in case. This is my first story, I accept criticism but I would like the critic to explain the reasoning behind it. Also I'm still figuring how this site works and I have no schedule so updates may be sporadic. Not a native speaker but I got an average of 9.7 out of 10 at the Cambridge C1 level, the CAE, second highest european level for foreign languages, so it should be no problem. Foto taken from Wikipedia. Cover made by me, excuse my utter lack of artistic talent.


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