Dreams of Creation and Destruction

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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2019


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Zenith is a promising student who has recently passed her first year at Soul Academy and now must undergo the ‘Ritual of Awakening’. A ceremony which works to unlock the ability to physically summon the power that slumbers in a person’s soul for the first time. Only around twenty percent of the population ever get to wield magic, so while not legendarily rare, it is still uncommon for mundane supernatural phenomenons to happen in everyday life.
After the ceremony ends in disaster, Zenith has no choice but to accept the guidance of a mysterious new professor, Terminus, or face certain expulsion from the academy. Least happy with the circumstances, Terminus is obligated to train Zenith in the ways of control, though he would prefer to palm her off then risk being in the center of the utter destruction and chaos that his student’s abilities cause.
Midst the training, unknown forces make moves within Lisonar, causing discord and strain within the relatively peaceful kingdoms. When the trouble begins to hit too close to home, Zenith and Terminus are inevitably drawn into the thick of it and must get to the bottom of the problem before it is too late.


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