NanoTec: Flight to a Distant Star

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NanoTec: Flight to a Distant Star
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2019


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In another universe, very similar to ours, Earth is no longer as we know it today. World War 3 in 2020, lethal bio-wars fought across the globe in 2055. Now, the year is 2079. Countries burnt, landmasses cracked. Humanity was entering a dark future. Then came EarthGov. The self proclaimed World Government to bring everyone together under a red flag. From the ashes they recovered a handful of bright and ingenious minds. With them, they began their quest to pull humanity to its feet. Among them was NanoTec. An especially innovative and determined group of young men and women. After setting their minds and souls on that single goal all of them share, they were determined to fulfill it. One way, or another.
There is always a root to every galactic power in the galaxy. NanoTec is no exception. Following NanoTec's perspective, visit all the events from their plight at Earth to the Greatest Battle in the Omniverse. Join NanoTec in an amazing voyage through the stars and the GKE Universe.
Note: NanoTec is an unfinished story as of 22 September 2016. As the prologue is to introduce the main and side cast of the story, reports show that it have been negatively received. Please bear with us. It will get more exciting. I promise.
Copyright: If by any chance any individual would like to use my content for any purpose, it is acceptable, assuming the usage is following my guidelines. Please do not use my content for financial gain. Please link your adapted material back to me. If there are any questions involving this, I will be obliged to assist.
Disclaimer: There is no intention of infringing copyright of any developer if at all. Any relation to individual, alive or dead is purely coincidence. Story is completely fictional. Special thanks to 'IceOriental123'



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