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In the Aether
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Author: ScottM
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 19
Language: English
Year started: 2017


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Rank by rating: 26648
Rank by popularity: 1692
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Adventurers, welcome to The Aether Frontier, the newest Massively Multiplayer Virtual Role-playing Game on the market. A techno-fantasy with vorpal blades, plasma blasters, and where magic mixes with science. Free-form skill trees allow for a truly unique experience for every player. Want to be a mage that imbues their sword and shield with arcane powers, or an archer the uses brass knuckles when the fighting gets close? You can and more.
The robust character creator will allow you to make an avatar that is truly your own. As well as fan favorite presets to help jump start the process. Create your avatar in the free app suite before logging in for seamless immersion to the world. Additional customization options can either be earned, purchased from the in-game store, or on the player market.
With our player driven economy you can make a profit in the real world by using The Market. Be it rare gear, or player crafted wares. Own and decorate your player home to make it unique. Choose from four different locations each with three variations in our open pack. Premium members have a catalog of bonus options.
Select a planet, moon, or space station as your starting point. Choose from a number of factions, each with their own allies, foes, and story lines. Rent, lease, or buy a ship. Find the perfect job. Discover your own adventure. Earn a reputation by completing quests that benefit or hinder people, organizations, and settlements. Compete in tournaments. Follow the main story. Forge your own.
The Aether Frontier is yours to explore.

Recommended for generation three VR rig or higher. The Market payments require an account listed for deposits. Taxes, transfer fees, and terms apply.
-Ren lives with his parents in the dorms for the building staff. He loves Aether Frontier and dreams of becoming a professional gamer. His goal is a long way off until he finds a piece of old gear that unlocks the world of Aether Frontier like never before. Ren can't help but feel like something isn't right. Who was this mysterious benefactor? What does this mean for his future? Was this meant for someone else?


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