Heaven's Defiler — A Tale of Wholesome Villany

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Heaven's Defiler — A Tale of Wholesome Villany
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2019


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Just as Light cannot exist without casting a shadow, Good cannot exist without harboring Evil.
In a distant world, where monsters and magic are real and cultivators seek the path to immortality, a young boy reincarnated into this world and became a Hero. With the death of the last of the Demon Kings, he became a legend. The Hero died of old age with the belief he did something good for the World.

Little did he know that his actions only favored a greater evil. a sinner that goes by the name of Derek Yun, locked away for centuries after he murdered a god. As time passed, another Hero was born amongst the men and, to equal the balance, the sinner was also reincarnated.

This is a somewhat rewritten version of my last story that went by the name of 'Heavenly Martial Academy', but the setting changed and also did the tone. I hope you enjoy this new version as I try to merge the best of Eastern and Western Fantasy in a single magic system.
I do not own the cover.


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