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Author: ShadeHaven
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 27
Language: English
Year started: 2019


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 7969
Rank by popularity: 20032
Release frequency: None in past 60 days
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Aaron Rhenerd for fun started a series of books called Dragons, Giants, and Sea Serpants, oh my!. Only afterword he finds out he was a master writer all along. Using his talent for writing, he finishes the story. Yet he doesn't FEEL he's finished.
Unsatisfied, he puts the realistic details from paper to the screen as a game and anime adaptation is made! Finished flushing out every kink in the story, smoothing out every wrinkle in the class tree, and memorising every pathway to 'catch' a girl in the spin off dating game, he finally lays down to rest.
He starts to wonder how to make it more interactive. How to make it more exciting. I wish I had another point of view.
No rest for the weary however, as instead of getting a magical portal leading him to a unknown world, he trips over a laundry basket. Landing face first on the opening screen of the game he created himself, he finds out he landed in a new world, getting the new 'point of view' he wanted.
Other than a terrible headache he soon finds out that the content of not only the books, but every single one of his creations are put together into the universe before him. Having previous knowledge he doesn't have to worry about unknown creatures, missing world events, or even getting a gal. Only one problem...

He's level one.

Be aware the actual narrator might make cheeky comments from time to time like "His first words in a new world?" (from the prologue). This is used for comedic reasons.
Hello! I would like you to know that while other novels I post (or will post) such as Oh great, another dungeon reincarnation!, which I do as a hobby because I enjoy it, there is a 100% chance of finishing this book! I'm not saying I won't finish the others, but that this is one I will never drop. I enjoy the concept.


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