Mirrors - Powers old & new

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Author: Obsidian57
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 19
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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Rank by rating: 7960
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The year is roughly 2750. The world has gone through two apocalyptical events.
In 2037 in the joint mining operation on the moon, Chinese and American engineers fail to fix the fusion reactor. The resulting explosion raped the moon, splitting one seventh of its mass off making a second smaller moon floating in space alongside the moon.
Down upon the Earth, taking the splitting of the moon as an omen, terrorists attacked the Haydon Collider. The authorities failed to turn the power off, when the terrorists turned the Collider onwith a packet of C4 in the tube, the resultant explosion blew a hole one hundred KM wide. The explosion set off massive earthquakes across the world, the casualty rate was in the 60% range.
To make things worse the riots, following the massive earthquakes, then the wars that followed where biological then nuclear weapons scoured the Earth’s surface.
Less than 15% of the worlds population survived.
Around three hundred years later in 2380, magic had been found by the thriving population. The wastelands from the wars, where biological and radiation mutations grew and thrived. Brave souls in 2370, those who were tasked with exploration always saw these creatures at a distance, they called them Daemons for they looked hideous. Ten years later these Daemons got a taste for man. The ensuing war where man's magic was used to fight against and in one final battle overcome the Daemons. Mankind lost over 90% of its known population on the European plain.
Now over three hundred years later mankind had again rebuilt and was thriving. The story follows the life and adventure of two sets of identical twins, in a time when twins are put to death on their birth.


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