The Seventh Wife

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The Seventh Wife
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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 22
Language: English
Year started: 2017


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Matamura Yori-no, the daughter of a wealthy merchant, unhappily honors her family's decision to marry her off to her father's business partner, thus securing the welfare of her future. But when her father is cheated by one of his workers, stalling Yori's marriage and leaving her family penniless, her mother proposes that they hand the girl over to the lord of their region, a mysterious and reclusive man since the death of his sixth wife. Accepted as the seventh wife of Lord Ashiro, Yori settles down to her life of being married to one of the highest-ranking men in her land, unprepared for the life she has become a part of.
At first treated like a child by her husband, and eventually ignored altogether, Yori begins to wander the halls of Ashiro's home in her loneliness, her curiosity growing when she discovers the door to the garden she is forbidden to enter. The longer she spends with Ashiro, the more about his twisted past and the dark fate of his previous six wives Yori unveils. When she reveals the secret that Ashiro has been keeping from her, she is caught between loyalty to her lord and determination to stay alive, unwilling to share the same fate as her predecessors...



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