Seikatsu Tsūka (Life Currency)

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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 1
Language: English
Year started: 2017


Rating: -
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Seiki was just an ordinary high school student, his popularity was average and he tend not to stick out much. He and his childhood friend Misuki, a girl who was popular, smart, and also, good at sports, were always hanging out together. One day, a random "game" sparked the nation, it was called Seikatsu Tsūka . It wasn't your ordinary Role Playing Game. It was a game that uses your LIFE as currency. No money involved, but your life span. This game somehow is able to cut your life short just by spending things in the game. No one knows how this game was even able to get released. The game was full of uncovered mysteries. People thought of it as a joke, but soon payed their price. Seiki life would change when he realized that Misuki never showed up to school that following week after the release of this "game", she didn't contacted him. He soon was able to find out that she was hospitalized. The doctor said that she didn't have much time to live. The doctors predicted that she would only be able to lived for less then a year. After the game had been released to the public, it annoucned that in the upcoming months, it would have a yearly tournament. Their was also rumours of the prize being any wish can be granted. Without a single doubt in his eyes he set out to a game of life and death. To safe his childhood friend he hold so dear and love.

"I promised to get you better, so don't lose hope." - Seiki

Would our protagonist be able to save his dear childhood friend?


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