Flaming Phoenix

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Author: SnowDemon
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 6
Language: English
Year started: 2017


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 655
Rank by popularity: 7224
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This is a story of two twins, it starts out with the dense younger twin in the beginning telling how the story began. Her older twin lived with their father is annoyed how easily influenced her younger twin sister is and by how useless her sister is. Frost the older twin lives in the Higher worlds known as Realms, her younger twin is in the middle world known as Worlds. These two are separate places and a known fact for it's residents except the middle world. Realms use portals to travel through worlds. Whereas Realms if you fly high enough you end up in another world.

Frost hates her grandmother who cast down her mother to marry a human who threatened her. They were of the proud royal Phoenix lineage. Her hate of the humans is cause by this and how they so easily manipulate her younger twin. Cecilia lived with her mother in the duke's house spoiled rotten and is confused when after her mother's death her father turned cold. He introduced her adoptive brother to her. She is love struck for the first time and not wanting to believe a word anyone says about him being bad for her. He takes away her affection from her father (he's not really her real father but she doesn't believe her mother's words) and takes everything she cares about yet she doesn't understand why he does this to her.

(This is a girl and girl story so if your expecting them to be with a guy be ready to be disappointed and it's about the cruel reality of how life doesn't go how you expect it.)


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