Age of Enlightenment: Deception of Misdirection

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Age of Enlightenment: Deception of Misdirection
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Author: Ryhean Chron
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 32
Language: English
Year started: 2016


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Rank by rating: 651
Rank by popularity: 6057
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In times of when the world around people seems ordinary, A good stable world. In the world of Atlas the world seems balanced as it is, but when plots, deception, and treachery lurks around the corners of the world it bring chaos and disorder. The talk of unknown puppet masters about bringing plots into actions to the world brings people of curiosity and selected people into the unknown puppet master's maze. Whatever treachery that lurks in the shadows the cause and effect of plots will no doubt lead to chain of events that begins with a Deception of Misdirection.

Author's Notes:
Book One: Deception of Midirection is my starting book for the series called 'Age of Enlightenment'.
Theme: The theme in my series is 'change', the story is viewed through multiple point of views on how characters developing to change as the world around changes. Having characters adapt and react to the situation they're on and how will they survive, getting knowledge that completely changes their view on the world, and finally how a person could change the world with power.

Setting: A fantasy world yet I've set the time period alike to the 17th century.


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