A Bloody Game

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Author: Benson Bui
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 30
Language: English
Year started: 2018


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 6779
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First story I'm posting and I don't really have a cool synopsis, sorry everyone, but this story is just another LitRPG apocalypse. I guess the only difference is that the main character isn't a hero. He's not here to save the world, he's not here to make friends, and he's definitely not here to save everyone. He's probably what the villains in other similar stories would be actually. Just writing for fun, advice or constructive critism is welcomed, writing style prone to change.
Warning: Incredible amounts of poor grammar, Gore, Profanities, Traumatizing content, and cliches
Eric Hunter, a boy who took a gamble with his life on the line, soon finds out that the pay off took a very different direction that he thought. Having just awoken from a pre-op only to find himself confused and all alone in a changed world and a hospital consumed by chaos he must do all he can to survive. In a new world where society crumbles and written laws are merely pretty words on paper, how will a boy who has been restricted his hold life live now that there is nothing to hold him back? When everything turns into a zero sum game of dog eat dog, they'll find that The Hunter is an all to willing participant, he will soon find out that he isn't the only player of this game.

(I plan to have multiple main characters, maybe this is too ambitious for my poor skills, but it seems like it would be fun to try, the other MCs won't show up until later on.)
This takes inspiration from a lot of great stories on here, but I find the beginning to be most similar to Blood Lust by DefinitelyNotJormlung. Starcraft and Warhammer 40k and survival world rpg by S_Conary will also influenced this (at least that's my plan if I ever get that far or finish this) Also please stay with me until chapter 3. I suck at starting stories, but have been told I get better as I'm further along.


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