Transformation of Fuderpsy

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Transformation of Fuderpsy
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Author: Majorbrenno
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 20
Language: English
Year started: 2017


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 605
Rank by popularity: 4141
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In the world know as Fuderpsy, two Superiors Gods controlled everything, even the Fate and Destiny of all that is on the Material and Aether Realm, there was no freedom and the beings in the world couldn't think or move by themselves.All of this changed when Bob came to Fuderpsy, killing one of the Superiors Gods and sealing the other.Finding inside of the other Superior God a chance of it redeem itself.Bob pitying the World, gave to all of the beings inside of it, the Gift, with the exception of the Aether Realm.

After many years, evolutions, transformations, and invasions of beings of the dimension of Bob.On a little frontier village, a boy named Alderam was born, he has grown up with problems on his head caused by wounds his father did on him that he couldn't remember for being young, fortunately, the only trait of his mind he showed to the others was that he had the bad habit of sometimes exaggerate on his actions, but with the years he started to only care about nursing his blind and bedridden mother after she lost her legs.Will his miserable power as a Water Mage amount to anything when a Devil comes to his village?


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