The Tester

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The Tester
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2017


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This is the story of a very unlucky fellow, who after his untimely demise, encounters what seems to be the opportunity of a life- ehm, I mean, of a... death time?

An all powerful god! A world of fantasy, slowly falling under the thumb of an evil ruler! The chance to become a hero! Sounds too good to be true!

... Well, not to spoil anything, but it is. Suffice it to say my original title for this story was "I Thought I Would Become A Hero, But Instead I Am Now Trapped In Some Weeb's Deranged Fantasies!". Alternatively, "That One Which I Gave An Unnecesarily And, Frankly, Annoyingly Long Title, For The Sake Of A Reference".

Let me be honest with you: This is a "literary sandbox" of mine. My one attempt at making a comedy out of what I consider to be some of my worst ideas. Hell, I might not even change that placeholder cover, it honestly kind of suits the idea of this... thing. And you might be wondering, why would I tell you this if I want you to read it? Insert low self-esteem joke here. Anyways, hopefully you'll enjoy it.


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