When Plush comes to Shove

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Author: karlthefirst
Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2017


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When push comes to shove and life gives you lemons for all your effort you tend to not feel too good, or at least so I've heard.

You see, I’ve never experienced that, although life hasn't exactly given me the big jackpot at the lotto or a free ticket to happiness, it hasn't exactly decided to throw a desperate drug junkie with a knife at me either, when all is said and done, I have had a pretty good life, if only due to it not having been a directly bad one.

Keywords being "had" and "been".

You ever heard the philosophy about how in order for life to give you an ‘up’ it first need to give you a ‘down’ first? Well I have, and now I really wish that I had survived the ‘down’ it gave me because whatever ‘up’ that would have come afterwards was bound to have been absolutely amazing.

But then again, maybe the ‘up’ actually did happen, I mean, even though I'm dead I'm still thinking, and if i understand philosophy that must mean that I still am, so let’s just hope that whatever it is that I am is good enough to make something good with this ‘up’.

Though just what it is that i am is also a problem...


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