The Envoy From the Heavens

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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2017


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You have always heard about the main characters in Xianxia and Xuanhuan going against the Heavens. Surviving against all that Fate and Heaven throws at them, the main characters always reign supreme. Facing such blasphemous behaviors from countless cultivators, the Heavens decided to send down an envoy from their realm to suppress those arrogant cultivators.
(This is somewhat Xuanhuan)

“To cultivate is to go against the Heavens! No matter how righteous they place themselves, they are nothing more than savage beasts who fear death!”
Those were the words Long Tian’s father always told him. Whether they call themselves Devil Practitioner or not, they are not to be trusted. The hunt for power and immortality exposes the greedy nature of all living creatures.
Long Tian now lives alone after the death of his father makes a living hunting for the village. But fate was cruel and Long Tian died at the hands of a young noble over an unreasonable excuse.
However, the Heavens had plans for Long Tian.
Turmoil from the Heaven’s Realm has caused leakage of Heavenly Qi into the lower realms allowing cultivators to challenge their fate.
Tasked with suppressing those cultivators, Long Tian travelled through countless worlds to cease their defilement!


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