Trashy story ! v1.5

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Trashy story ! v1.5
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Author: cloaked poet
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 39
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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I've made alot of mistakes in my plot,
I've relied on force to do it naught.
Where does quality go?
When you give up patience for speed though?

This is a story I will write in prose,
Making jokes at cliches though.
With a pen by my side,
On this site a rewrite resides!

Trashy story v2: starto!

Serious synopsis: Hey everyone it's the author here (Not my character named "Author" or "Also author") I'd like to introduce to you my new book "Trashy story"! So you're proboaly wondering what this "Trashy story" is about, well wait no longer I shall tell you! (Or try to sound cool as I tell you nothing.)
This story will be written entirely in prose assides from the author notes (Which are in itself a out of character in character commentary of the story.) With this type of format I hope to talk about things which are commonly overlooked in novels, and or things which are blaringly obvious yet often ignored! In the earlier version of this novel I had gone over things such as how the conditions of a fantasy world may force bandits to do what they do, and also the effects of killing a leader will cause! Even if the leader is a tyrant a power vacuum makes life a living hell, and often more of a living hell than before.
This story was written on qidian as well but I felt like I was rushing too much on the writing (As qidian is use to crazy release rates) so I hope to port it over to here as I rewrite problamatic chapters. Said chapters may be updated on qidian once I find a good foothold to improve the plot again.
Well thankyou for reading this far down on the synopsis, I'm not sure why you've read so far down but thankyou! I hope you will enjoy "Trashy story" v1.5 as much as I enjoyed writing it!
"Trashy story" v1.0 : 46 chapters (24 not counting side storys)
"Trashy story" v1.5: rewrite starting at chapter 35 (21 not counting side storys)
You may be wondering why half of the novels publication so far (as of writing this synopsis) is side story (Bleh... filler!) Well that is because the side stories are where I develop most of the world building. (They really are only called side stories because they follow the side characters and antagonist)
Note: The origional novel (V.1) can be found on webnovel... Howeverrrrr I will reupload every "Okay" chapter up to the breakoff point here as well. Proof of me moving over to royal road (And not shamelessly stealing chapters) can be found in the latest chapter "Temporary haitus: Partial rewrite")
V.1: Link
V.1.5: You're looking at it (Well atleast I think you are!) (Hosted on royalroadl)


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