Reveries of a Bohemian

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Reveries of a Bohemian
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Author: Ulia-chi
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 1
Language: English
Year started: 2017


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When my mind wanders and drifts with pen and paper just in front, my mood blue, I ponder on impossibilities and chance and luck and fate. My spirits lift. My mind soars. The dopamine and serotonin levels tear asunder, and the dark, damp cage that seizes my imagination prisoner time and time again unlocks. Curly fonts and the frustration of crossing words out are my little things that I love when writing. Those lips of mine moisten from the tip of my tongue, turning me into a naughty mess, my senses heightened from the absolute delight of writing. Ideas overflow and manifest as messy scribbles on lined paper, only for those pages with that fresh new smell to be crossed out, scrunched up, and thrown in the bin to hide work that I deem to be embarrassing with content that makes me cringe like an old lemon.
Days, weeks, months, and possibly even years later, I'll recover these works that make me squirm and shake and shrink in morbid ways that only a person with a thing for it would enjoy seeing—either them or those sadistic bunches—and give them a good ol' rewrite, if only for readers to be horrified at the shoddy plot or stupidly obscure figurative language, as everyone loves needs a good dose of those in their lives. To my chagrin, however, I am sure these short works of romance and drama will go largely unnoticed, as they are the concepts of an overzealous, daydreaming teen that does not care to understand the notions of this so-called reality we all live in.
So with all of that crap out of the way, I am sure that I made a pathetic first impression, and I sure hope it stays that way forever.

In case you didn't understand any of that, this is a collection of romance/drama one-shots and short stories that, by and large, are fairly ridiculous in nature—not in a comedic sense—and are filled to the brim with flowery language that will make you scratch your head in confusion. They could be anywhere from four-hundred words to four-thousand and beyond and will not connect unless stated in its title.
This is literally something I just decided to finally make, so there will not be a set schedule for this (not like they'll get any readers anyway) and I honestly don't think it'll ever be 'finished' as such, not that it matters because all the stories have an ending of some degree anyway. Also, some of them were made with prompts from writing competitions and ones I found myself from the net, so just bear in mind they might have pictures in at the beginning to show what my inspiration was.
I will add tags in as I go, purely because some stories have certain elements and others don't.
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