The Divine Erinyes

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Author: Kohashi
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 7
Language: English
Year started: 2018


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 1156
Rank by popularity: 3762
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The story mainly focuses on two teenagers who manifested a great supernatural power that can literally reset everything in their world, including memories, relationships, natural disasters, and even the damages caused by it. However, the exchange of being able to cast it is the casters life.
Aside from their greatest ability, they can also control, shapeshift, summon, and use the light and the darkness in their own free will. The two teenagers seemingly were a boy and a girl. The two were both in the third year of their college and was also in the same class. The two had always been the top 2 stars of their class, sparking rivalry between them. They look identical, physically and mentally. Their classmates, professors, thought they were twins at first, but unfortunately the two said they weren't related by any means. Or, are they?
Rinki- A nineteen year old teenager raised by an orphanage until he was able to stand on his own two feet. He never knew his parents or any sibling or relative. He never had friends, caused by his emotionless look on his face and the dead look on his eyes despite being really intelligent and smart and was always at the top of his class. He never seemed to experience an ordinary life since he left the orphanage.
Miyashi- The girl that every boy wants in their school, without having any parents or siblings, the orphanage also took care of her and raised her. After she grew and was able to stand on her own, she left the orphanage and decided to live alone. The other girls were always jealous of her looks and smarts. Being in the same class as Rinki caused her to be the second best to him and was often compared to him, sparking a rivalry between the two.
The two knew of their supernatural abilites, but little did they know that something between them is related.
Unknown beings that wield light and darkness manipulation spread across the world, some causing destruction that normal human beings can't stop or rival, and some choose to fight to protect their own and some choose to not use them.
With that being the case, someone must stand up to the root of all this destruction and evildoing. To protect, to dominate, to destroy, or to die. It's up to them. The choice is theirs.
But, who can possibly stand up to the evildoers if an ordinary human can't?
If the others who had the abilities that can, decided not to?
And the ones who had the abilities are just not enough to stop them?
There is only one path to end all the conflicts, the path of sacrifice. In the end, someone has to sacrifice their own life for everyone. Burdened by an undeniable fate in their hands. They can fight, they can kill, they can win, they can live, but in the end, everything that they ought to do will all be in vain.
Death, tragedies, and hate. The root of every conflict in their world.


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