A Whisper Among the Stars

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Author: vernon34439
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 5
Language: English
Year started: 2017


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The Sol family had spent a century evading the watchful eye of The Orders restless hunters. They fought a losing war from the shadows for years, but no longer. The time was finally upon them for the remaining bloodlines to come out of hiding and wage war on The Order. No longer would they remain in the dark.

December 12, 2197, the day the mystical art of cultivation was banned, replaced by The Order's own artificial form. The day the Sol family name went from being the most powerful on earth, possibly the most powerful in the solar system, to being only a whisper. Sol became a name revered as legendary, but spoken of only in secret. A whisper among the stars. Anyone known affiliate to the aforementioned name was marked for death, but only after being tortured by the most twisted men among the orders ranks. The Alchemists.

Aliviana Drogo was a renegade hunter of the highest rank, regarded as a legend among some of the most fearsome warriors to ever live. She had been to the bowls of Valdaria itself and the atrocities she witnessed there went on to change her fate forever.

Be it a coincidence or maybe destiny itself. Aliviana’s fate had become entwined with that of Hadrian Sol, the phantom himself.

A renegade with no family, no friends and no direction.

A drifter, with no home and a family scattered among the stars, has one singular goal. Destroying the order, and when one dynasty falls another must rise in its place.

This is their story, their legacy.

A whisper among the stars.


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