The Ascendant: Endless Reincarnation

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The Ascendant: Endless Reincarnation
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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 19
Language: English
Year started: 2017


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My name is Richard Brooks. I died while saving a kid.

Kicking the bucket at 28 was really depressing, you know? There’s so much I still wanted to do.

But instead of passing on, I was thrust into an endless series of reincarnations. Whenever I die, I earn Karma points based on my achievements and growth. These points can be exchanged for weapons, spells, or other bonuses to make my next lives more interesting.

“What kills me only makes me stronger!” Or something like that.

Honestly, it feels like I’m stuck in an RPG. The difficulty setting can be pretty ridiculous too.

Sometimes all I can do is grit my teeth in frustration as I die an ignoble death.

But I won’t complain. Even when it’s dangerous and painful, I love life. This is all an opportunity; I’ll do my best, no matter what kind of sadistic fate the System throws at me.

I will swing the warhammer of justice! Craft and enhance the most amazing artifacts! Overwhelm opponents with a barrage of auto-casting spells! Lead powerful vassals in Domain wars!

All for the sake of creating an eternal sanctuary.

With my unique power of Runecrafting, maybe I’ll even become strong enough one day to overturn fate… or at least find out what the hell is really going on.

It might take a few hundred or a thousand lifetimes, but what’s the rush?

I have all the time in the world now.


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