The Archaic Ring

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The Archaic Ring
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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 319
Language: English
Year started: 2017


Rating: 100%
Rank by rating: 43
Rank by popularity: 71
Release frequency: 4.92 days
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An original story inspired by wuxia and western fantasy.

After two mysterious existences stumble upon a beautiful planet on the edge of Infinity, they desire to temporarily set up shop for a few thousand years...

Nolan's life had been a pain in the ass even before he'd woken up in another world. Sadly, he quickly discovers that his family drama and daily worries were simply a dream vacation in comparison to the situation that he's suddenly faced with. After a terrifying first day in the wild, he begins his long journey of assimilating into this perverse new reality. This is a brutal land where right and wrong are decided by strength, not logic or morality. The world is alive with a strange and pervasive energy which its inhabitants can take into their bodies and also manipulate at will through the practice of the mysterious martial arts that form the basis of all society.

After countless near-death experiences within the first few weeks of his unexplained relocation, Nolan chances upon a strange old ring that may just give him the chance to survive through the hostile conditions that lurk at every turn, and maybe even carve out a bit of a legend for himself on the side.


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