The Monster We Are

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The Monster We Are
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2018


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Despite becoming a monster to most to save those that he loved and his world, he lost it all.
After years of research and trying to find a way to undo the loss and failing.Knowing she'd be ashamed if i ended his life for no reason.
He followed the legends of a way to be reincarnated, but not into his own world.A type of reverse summoning.
If he couldn't save this one and those he loved, he would damn well make sure that it wouldn't happen again.
He would stop the encroaching Darkness and the horrors it brings in a new world.
And if he died completing it....

She wouldn't be ashamed.

This is a revamping and reworking of my novel i started two years ago ' The Monsters We Become'
After two years ive had a lot to think about and a lot of new ideas and rather than wasting what i have written, i have decided to rework it.
So i hope my readers of old and future readers will enjoy what ive made. I made the announcement in the previous one.
So here to new starts and new beginnings.


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