Juvenile Gladiators

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Juvenile Gladiators
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Author: Yaxicat
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 6
Language: English
Year started: 2018


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 4353
Rank by popularity: 10101
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"I know that we've all come to terms with our... losses. Our predicament. The things that me and your coming commanders have to engrave into your mind, heart and soul. With the blood of our friends on each of our hands, the longing to go back home and to survive this damn world. You have no choice but to fight, hold your weapon tight and run across that damn battlefield... You're no longer students of the school we used to attend. Not anymore. Not till we get home. For now, you will call yourselves...


When young students of a prestigous private school find themselves stuck in a world beyond their wildest imagination, they fight for their lives to complete the mission given to them the moment they entered.
"Earn the title of Grandmaster and forfeit your life to ascend into the heavens, let your soul purify in whole as it scatters across the different dimensions of the universes' plane." Or... something along those lines.
Thankfully, the only hope these 28 students could lean on to are the four least most expected people to start leading them as full fledged leaders. Why?
As they said...
"We've already finished getting the title of Grandmaster... It's a board game. We've been teleported to the land of Everoe, the heroes this world calls... Gladiators."


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