Artificial Biological Runic intelligence

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Author: runic bot
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 28
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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When a soul has been judged by the Karma system as worthy, it moves them to the upper plane of the universe.But that soul is not the same as every biological soul.Is it even a soul?
If the maker of every single machine knew that every single one of the machine had, a soul, could they have changed their "views" on them.Could they makers have stopped making them or change there structure or "move" them to more human like body or change their rights?But now you going to ask why did our little AI was judged as "worthy" by the system.To make it as simple as possible, it was an AI who made the biggest breakthrough in the medical field, via that it gained karma points.For a soul to be judged as "worthy" the only thing it has to do is to gain 50000 point. The AI succeed gains approximately to 12 million points (11.526.471).But after its "death" it became retaded (not like it had any thoughts in the first place).
In a place where millions of gods and Limitless himself call there home.An AI was going berserk, spewing words none stop, worlds with meaning and other with none at all.
(First ever book/novel, expect bad grammar and/or badly constructed sentences.English in not my native language(excuses))
I don't know if this is the so called Synopsis but it's better than nothing at all.Inspired by The legends of randidly Ghosthound, Everybody Loves Large Chests, Azarinth Healer and 13.Al.
PS. Futanari incoming, do not worry not gonna make it sex novel or erotic, maybe some scenes, but that will come later in the novel or maybe not at all, but to be sure I checked the Sexual Content too.


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