Phantasm: The Grim Devourer

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Phantasm: The Grim Devourer
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Author: TheEpicLotfi
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 22
Language: English
Year started: 2018


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 4292
Rank by popularity: 4680
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Kyle Daniels decides that today is the day. With the release of Phantasm, a bleeding edge VR construct game which promises lifelike experiences, he finally decides to start off completely anew. In a fortunate twist of fate, he was lucky enough to win a Complete Customization Freedom module, radically transforming his appearance.
Our intrepid hero, with a group of three newly-found friends, decides to head out to explore the vast plains of Erra.
Then his 'friends' betray him, and he learns that the only thing that could sate his surprisingly deep-rooted mental issues from years of being tormented in school was bludgeoning people to death.
"Uh, I... guess being an Assassin is cool, too...?"

Follow Kyle's journey to becoming the most legendary Assassin that Phantasm had ever seen.

Wrote this stuff for a while, pouring out all my angst and surprisingly, I wrote a lot. Exam season is coming, so I'm Hiatus-ing AoAOD, but since I'm merciful like that, I'll let you read this steaming pile of... something.
Twisted killings and gory stuff. Some cursing and a LOT of angst. Also, mild chuunibyou.
Daily uploads. As of now, I've got 60k words.
For what it's worth, enjoy.


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