Deep Sea Shark

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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 8
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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Shen is a young servant from the prestigious Wang household and he had managed to avoid the obrigatory test to become a cultivator for five years. His life was already good enough and the world of cultivation was too harsh for him, who loved peace and did his best to avoid conflict. However, his easygoing days came to an end when he became unable to avoid the test that year, and even though he lucked out and was discovered to be trash, due to a strange series of events he was still taken into a sect along with his young miss! To aggravate his situation, that very same young miss possessed heaven defying talent and she, surprisingly, chose to be an inheriting disciple of an evil sect that is the target of hate from the entire cultivation world!
Later on, Shen discovers that he actually isn't trash and, reluctantly, steels himself to cultivate in order to live life the way he wants, avoiding conflict, seeking solitude and appreciating nature. But things aren't so easy as his young miss and fellow disciples are always causing trouble by his doorstep and his master takes pride in flaunting him in front of the entire world, against his will.
Shen: Phewww, someone get me out of this mess! (grabs a stick and cries in a corner).


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