Bottled up wishes

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Author: deussonata
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 33
Language: English
Year started: 2018


Rating: -
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The desires of man is unfathomable. Clearly wanting it all, but afraid to even reach out for it.
I wish he'd look at me for once. Bring back my daughter you fuck!Medicine that can cure anyone's illness.It's so hot, I wish it was winter already.I want to get stronger, so that those people wouldn't beat me up anymore.Why can't they just listen to me for one second?I wish for a lot of money. So much that I don't even need to work anymore.Revenge...To take back what the humans stole from us.

Well, what if someone or something just made your wish come true? But with a twist...

Just a reminder: It's my first time writing something. English is not my main language, and I mostly just slept through my English classes when I was in school. But hopefully, I could get most of the grammar correct. Comma's, punctuation's and other stuff are kinda... well, I'm not that good at it. BUT! I will try to learn it along the way... again? Guess I should've stayed awake and listened to my teacher in class T_T.


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