The Saga of the Undone One

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Author: MoonWatcher
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 52
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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Rank by rating: 4251
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Among the vast expanse of the realm known as the Outer Fantasy exists a group of sorcerers by the name of Changelings. They steal the memories and the very essence of normal people in order to perform a strange ritual in which they extend their lives by hundreds or even thousands of years and change their bodies to the extreme. In this devilish process most of the people used die.
But a few survive. These unlucky men and women are just a hollow shells of their former selves. They are people with shattered minds and stolen memories. The brands of the ones that brought them to this miserable state are engraved in their skin and both their bodies and minds are damaged by the sorcerers. They’re pitied by some, hated by many and ignored by most. And worst of all – they’re doomed to live their remaining years in this crippled state, isolated by the rest of the world and without a way to heal their injuries, both mental nd physical. But deep inside of them lies a spark of the power that the mages used to shatter their minds…
The name of these miserable beings is the Undone Ones and this is the story of one of them. His name is Ehrir and in the lowest point of his seemingly unending life as an Undone One he finds the power that can change his life for the better… or worse.


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