Is It Wrong To Be A Mutant?

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Author: KidyZ
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 12
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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Earth, February 14th 19XX
Green flash of light emits from the sky, along with this green light are sudden appearance of black pillars that pierces the sky.The Pillar made from unidentified metal with unknown objective scaterred all around the world,the official name of this pillars are Asterope
Earth, March 22nd 19XX
The first appearance of Monster, a 6 metre butterfly with 8 wings suddenly appear on Texas, America. Total casualities are 3 person death and 18 injury before the monster butterfly died.
December, 1st 19XX
First case of mutated human, subject is male, 29 years, from Oryol, Russia. Subject mutation changing his appearance into green skinned and pink hair, along with this subject developed an ability to control insect
April, 5th 19XX
The number of attack from monster has been significally raised, in one-year span there is 9270 case where monster suddenly appear all around the world. 233 appearance are inside the human populated area. 69 of it are caused by mutated human

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