Fallen God decides to live a little

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Author: Blacklight85
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 32
Language: English
Year started: 2016


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Magnus is the God of Magic and he created the foundations of the universe with the rest of the true gods and just like the true gods, he knew everything under the table, how everything ran and how everything stopped. He lived a simple monotone eternal life watching over the world as it ran its infinite cycle. He was bored of it, and he wished something would change it. He received his wish through the loss of his powers turning him into a Fallen God. After being shot down from the heavens, he was saved by a fellow god at the last second. What does he do when he knows something might threaten the universe. What does he do when he knows something dangerous is lurking out there, does he strive to regain enough power to enter the plane of Gods, yes, but he'll first enjoy this life given to him. Join Magnus as he walks through the world in the shoes of a mortal in his irresponsible journey to live a little.

Note: This is my first story, please be a little kinder to me. If you see any mistakes point them out in kindest way. Cheers


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