Truck Driver Reincarnating

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Author: Redpilled
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 7
Language: English
Year started: 2018


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 4207
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Axel led a rather unfortunate life on Earth. In the beginning, it was great. He was the son of a wealthy German conglomerate owner. As expected of him, he grew up to be intelligent, and, unfortunately, developed an arrogant personality because of all these things.
With a small bit of carelessness, however, everything changed.
On the year 2024, the wealthy businessman Adalbert Schwarz died in an unlikely plane accident while he was heading to negotiate with a wealthy Chinese CEO. He was known to be a ruthless and cruel businessman who never loved anyone, including his son. Therefore, he didn't spend the time to write a will.
With no part of his father's shares left to him, Axel was left alone at the age of 22, abandoned by all his remaining relatives. So, what happened after this?
The young man became a truck driver and, unluckily, died as a group of extremely drunk high school students ran into him.
The students were reincarnated by the Holy Goddess of Light, Freya, in another world to fight off evil beings. Of course, they were given abilities that exceeded the capabilities which normal people had. Axel, on the other hand? He was given a few fragmented memories from the dying God of Darkness, Farian, and shoved into the body of a demon who had no power nor talent; simply just an orphan who served a noble family.
This is the story of a person who gains power by hiding his ruthless schemes under a calm countenance.


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