Tower of Dreams: Rogue's Gambit Book #2

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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2018


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Can a Rogue Slay a Dragon?My friends and I have battled monsters, defeated assassins, and destroyed epic level Dungeon Lords. But, we are still no closer to finding the last pair of Phoenix Gems!That all changes when an unlikely ally seeks out our help-- Nazyr, Royal Heir, and mysterious hacker. He may have pulled off the ultimate cheat code, but it's caught up with him. Desperate for help, he reveals an astonishing secret. And it's one that could lead us back to the real world. We have to trust him.With the King under a strange sleeping spell-- Grymme's army marches closer toward our gates. Prince Corbin sits on the throne as its rightful heir. But the young man may be far too young and inexperienced for the job.I know the key to our victory, and eventual escape is unlocking the gifts of the remaining Phoenix Gems. I am Kira Knightwind, protector of the crown and slayer of Tolan Gath! It now falls to me to do the impossible.
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