Red Thread of Fate

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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 6
Language: English
Year started: 2018


Rating: -
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Fūma Monou, a cold-blooded doctor, who had killed many people for revenge. Fūma no longer believed in others since the past events that happened to him, he didn't believe in love. But ... It all changed, when he picked up a little girl who looked like a "broken doll" with bruises and bandages all over her body.

Yuki, the little girl who had to face the bitter reality of her life. She was tortured, alienated and banished by her own family. She continued to believe that someday there would be someone who wanted and needed her. Even when she was in a dying state before being discovered by Fūma.

Since then, Yuki who initially only considered Fūma as her benefactor, was beginning to open up her heart to Fūma. Likewise, Fūma who initially picked Yuki just for his sake alone, now began to feel different things to the little girl who was growing up.

Nevertheless, both chose to hide their feelings which resulted in frequent misunderstandings between the two of them.

When they finally found out each others’ feelings, and Fūma started to believe in love, happiness, and sincerity. Destiny had another will ... It actually separated the two of them.

Fūma felt fooled by destiny. He vowed not to fall in love again and avenged Yuki's death.

But, once again destiny brought them together in the future. With new identities and new lives.

Will they finally be together?
Or will their love tragedy be repeated once again?


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