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Author: Kodyak Combs
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 103
Language: English
Year started: 2018


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 4191
Rank by popularity: 2627
Release frequency: None in past 60 days
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Anima, the primary source of energy in the world of Janus. It resides in the soul of all living things and in nature itself. It can be used to do all kind of magically things from powering vehicles to walking on water. Of course, it can be used for violence as well.
One person took the phrase "used for violence" and took it to an next level. That person eventually became known as a true God and claimed the world as his own. However, another person also reached godhood and dethrone him. Their battle and existence permanently changed the nature of anima and the world, leading to their sudden disappearance.
This story takes place thousands of years after their battle.
Amelia, a young woman who was considered the most brilliant genius in the history of her small country of Buchse, got caught up in a devious plot by the strongest knight to get rid of her before she grows into someone that threatened his wicked ambitions.
After fighting off countless pursuers, even she had to succumb to the pressure of fighting the entire country's forces. As the situation becomes dire she was saved by a handsome young man.
Now it might sound romantic, but the man was someone she arrested a few days earlier for being drunk and naked in public. By the way, he was still naked when he rescued her.....
There was another strange thing about the man. He claimed to be the legendary mercenary Devil King Rory. Devil King Rory was the leader of a legendary mercenary group called Pandemonium aka the House Of Demons, who were said to be able to challenge any country in the world by themselves, and Rory was said to be the most notorious of them all, and was rumored to have destroyed a country on his own. But that was over 100 years ago.
Was this drunken man really the terrifying Rory? If so, why was he the way he is now, a shameless man with no dignity at all?
Follow the adventures of the two as they travelled the vast world and see all kinds of mystical places. And watch as Amelia slowly learns more about the legend that is Rory, and clash with elements of his past.
What kind of hidden truth will they discover?


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