The Programming NEET's Otherworldly Trip

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Author: thevillain67
Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2018


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It was the same day that I left the shrine with my laptop turned on. I was strolling the place where my gramps usually lived. I am here, in the mountains where internet seldom worked, to enjoy a peaceful environment as I do my hobby, programming.
Of course, I told my parents I’m here, making an excuse like, “Just visiting grandpa for the week,” although they wouldn’t let me if I say, “I want to work peacefully.” When suddenly I tripped and fell into the river just 50 walks away from the shrine.

I’m Haruo Yuuto, a 16-year-old amateur (wannabe professional) programming NEET. And guess what? I woke up soaked and happened to be in another world after I tripped.

Yo guys! wassup!
So I came up with another story here which I am very intrigued compared to my older stories...
Anyway, like the old one, this fiction is completely mine(even the cover... obvs) and you might see it in Watty, the same username btw.
I'm sorry I let some people down on the old one... Didn't feel like writing it at all after I thought of this story.

Anyhow, I hope you continue to read my stories, fellas! Have fun! :)

Disclaimer: The Author(me) does not know any coding languages, yet. But he is currently studying about programming, so I hope I won't break everyone's expectations of programming of higher, or rather any, caliber.So to say that this is only for entertainment. Like I said before, Have fun!


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