In A Distant Past

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Author: Devil Doc
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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Since my arrival to this new... well Earth, I have met many different people. All ranging from war tyrants who rape, pillage and slaughter who they want to simple farmers that help others when they can. This world is very similar to my own but the technology is far underveloped. My tech that I have on my person outclasses everything I have seen. I survive with these and my knowledge of survival. In this new world you cannot trust anyone, in that this place is similar to my old, however it differs in the chance for an adventure I have never had before. Now I not only have combat but freedom.

AN: I guess I should give on of those warnings, this will contain heavy theme. This includes Slavery, Drugs and just all kind of fucked up things. New Author so bare with me. This story is just a side project as I am very busy so updates will come out as soon as I can get them out. Don't be afraid to comment corrections or tips they are always welcome.


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