Path of Transcendence

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Year started: 2015


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WARNING: Tagged 18+ This story contains rather graphic descriptions of violence, gore, sex and sexual violence.
NOTE: (Just to avoid any misplaced expectations.) Despite being on Royal Road, this is not a Light novel. This is a Dark Fantasy.
Book 1: Ultimatum of the Nameless God Taereun: Battleground of the Damned was never really a game. It was a testing ground to find minds and souls for the The Nameless God to use, and for tens of thousands of players, the game became reality, when they were put in the bodies of their characters. The Nameless God told them that he would return them to their real lives, if they fought through the Labyrinth of Yggr and freed his body from beneath the city of Haven. After searching for over 11 years, they found the Gate leading to Haven. After being murdered right before the gate to Haven was opened, Mark McGuinness wakes up in a hospital in his original body. As a child, he was in an automobile accident. A freak whose body rejects most medical treatments, he was left scarred and disfigured. Angry, bitter and disgusted with the world, he had used Taereun: Battleground of the Damned to take out his frustration and anger, so he would not lose control and hurt or kill someone in real life. The closest he had ever come to being happy was living as Talon, during the eleven year search for Haven. Having learned about the Power called ki, Mark McGuinness discovers that his human body is capable of channeling and using it. Once again armed with Power, he finds a way to travel from Earth to Taereun. He has questions he wants answered and people he owes. Whether mortal or divine, he will let no one and nothing stand in his way.
Book 2: Slave Pits of the Tyrannical God:Betrayed by the person he trusted most, Brand, formerly Mark McGuinness of Earth, has been enslaved and given to a DokkAlfar Wytch. Trapped deep within the heart of the Great Citadel of Gor'achaen, he is thrown into a gladiatorial stable and marked to be the new Champion for the stable. Not having any options or anywhere to run, Brand forms a compact with Elan'fer'sha, the Wytch who is his owner, and a mysterious human Smith, with Power far beyond anything Brand has ever seen used before. Somewhere within Gor'achen lie partial answers in Brand's quest for vengeance, and in his rising to the status of Champion lies a road to the Wytch's future. Maneuvering for survival, Brand and Elan'fer'sha fight and work with and against each other in their struggles. Will they achieve their goals or will they fall before the centuries old plots plans of the ruling clans and clergy of a DokkAlfar empire?
Book 3: Quest of the Ancient God: The Labyrinth of Yggr was originally the dimensional battle fortress of the True Dragon Nidhoggr. The Jotun Lords have a limited understanding of how or why it works. With their repeated absorption of plane after plane into a dimensional matrix maintained by the the dimensional drives and the Furnace of Life and Death, Yggdrasil has become unstable. When the matrix breaks down, the unleashed Power will destroy the planes within Yggdrasil and countless planes outside of it.
Boran Second Father has given Brand a mission to recover the Yggdrasil's primary dimensional drive from Woden, who is The Nameless God. With the primary drive in his control, Boran will be able to deal with the unstable Yggdrasil. While Brand does not care what happens to others, he agrees to help because he has no way to escape the destruction that will be unleashed.
Yggdrasil's primary drive is on Earth. Brand saw it once before it was taken by Woden, and he no longer knows where it is located. On Earth, Jinmu was Ryouske Urehara, the owner of the Urehara Group. Prophet and Delphi were created and controlled by the Urehara group and nearly every nation on Earth has one of the systems installed to coordinate and control their information network to monitor their population. Everything on Earth that happens within range of any device connected to the data networks is recorded by Prophet and Delphi. Needing to gain control over the Prophet and Delphi systems, Brand sets out to confront Jinmu, a man who betrayed him and sold him into slavery.


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