Legend Land: Tale of the Nameless God

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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2018


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The sprawling city of Malor is filled with dead legends and gods. It is rife with possibilities, and this has not gone unnoticed.
Amongst the gang wars, budding revolutions, and toppling monopolies, one item sticks out: a job. Break into a heavily secured vault to steal Amaterasu's three heavenly regalia, items that can destroy the gods themselves. A suicide mission. Namonai is a budding thie...mercenary. He isn't well known; most forget his name as soon as it's said. But if you want a job done, and can stand his attitude, Namonai is your man. There are some suicide missions, though, you just can't do alone. Along the way Namonai will get help from some of the unlikeliest of allies. Wikolia, the Wyvern, a former guard and interrogator for the Underworld. Esilea, a disgraced warrior and dethroned queen of the Amazons. Icarus, genius prodigy and mechanical inventor. Together, these four have the skills to accomplish the impossible. If they don't kill each other first. Legend Land: Tale of the Nameless God is a companion story that runs alongside the original Legend Land. Full of pulse-pounding action, twists and turns, it takes a unique approach to retelling myths and legends. A story about trust, danger, intrigue, and impossible odds.


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