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Man’s quest for expansion and exploration has always been relentless and brutal. Every ounce of discovery obtained with blood stained hands, either dealt by colonizer or aborigines. Even though every quest for the unknown has always been with good intentions, humanity’s inert nature for power and avarice overcomes those good intentions. But then the human colonizer becomes the colonized.
First discovered on the outmost fringes of the Milky Way, GEOMs are life forms altered by their original form from the parasitic protrusions in their body thus they are called GEOM worms, in attribute to closely resembling the invertebrates. The parasites are sentient and, according to autopsies, came from deep space. The First Plague Wave dawns the parasitic revelation to human flesh, astride their conquered races. Fortunately and unfortunately the human body has already attained another step in evolution in 2400’s; attaining a neurological evolution that enabled the use of inert and unique powers. Of course all of this means that you have to be genetically gifted to have super human output. Hedge cults believe GEOM worms have been drawn to the tertiary settlements due to this human potential.
Though the possible acquisition of powers have cause the human race to come to the brink of extinction specifically in the year 2425 where the estimated one hundred trillion population of the Tertiary planets have dwindled down to thirty trillion in just twelve years after the First Plague Wave Started on 2403. But the evolution of Homo sapiens was also its salvation.
Knights, named after the noble warriors during the medieval era, were the vanguard of humanity’s resistance against the Plague. Only one in a fifty thousand would have fully developed brain cortexes to sustain inert superhuman power. One in five people would awaken a power but fail to develop them further due to genetic make-up. And only one in five hundred thousand would be able to use their awakened and sustained power to their average potential.
Depending on the power acquired, one could be selected and trained to be a knight or invited to join the Union Tertiary Space Forces. Only the elite have been chosen for Knighthood. Even though powers are the core of being a Knight, the person’s physical, mental stability and environmental factors are also rated to standards of missions the Knight should be sent in---such as being already above average genetically even without an enhanced brain cortex, though weaknesses are sometimes overlooked for one’s raw talent or gift. Feats and stories of this incredible people spread like wildfire among the desperate human race, lifting much needed morale to sustain the fight against the dreaded GEOMS.
What follows are one of those stories.


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