Monday Monster Girls

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Monday Monster Girls
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Author: ace arriande
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 6
Language: English
Year started: 2018


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 3899
Rank by popularity: 1350
Release frequency: None in past 60 days
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Monday Monster Girls is a collection of short stories revolving around the daily lives of various relationships featuring monster girls. If you just want to read some laidback, cute romance involving monster girls then give this story a try! If you are looking for an epic, frequently-updating, super long story full of action and drama then this is not the story for you. This is straight up slice of life and romance with no overall plot, new characters almost every single week (some relationships may be revisited in the future), and it is not meant to be a serious collection of stories in any way.
Heavily inspired by works such as Tsurezure Children and Jingai no Yome to Icha Icha suru - Anthology Comic

Author's Note: This story will be updating every single Monday and each upload will be approximately 2000-3000 words. This is just a side project of mine and a way to add some variety to my writing schedule as I currently have five ongoing projects including this. Patreon is up to two weeks ahead, and you get ahead chapters to all of my projects when you pledge! Also, yes, I am absolutely horrible at covers.


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