Winter Sovereign

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Author: bladerain
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 92
Language: English
Year started: 2017


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 350
Rank by popularity: 4061
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Serra Recquir, a boy born in the world of Sierra, was born with weak and with mediocre talent. Despite the odds, he pursued the path of cultivation. He faced numerous trials, deadly foes and great friends. Eventually, he stepped into the world of the Divine Realm. Breaking past the limits of the world and traveling to higher planes. After millions of years, he finally reached the summit. Becoming a Sovereign Paragon. Longing for the world he left countless years ago, he finally returns to his own world.

Author's Note: This story is different from other wuxia novels. If those novels focus on characters that struggle from the bottom and reach the top, this story is one where someone already reached the top. I figured it would be interesting to start a novel from this concept so I started it. Well, however this plays through, just like how I finished my previous novel, Doll's Smile, I'll finish this novel too. Of course, I'm writing this novel just for fun. I like to write lighthearted novels like this. Novels that I would read while listening to music and eating snacks on a pleasant and relaxing afternoon. Do forgive me if I'm slow in writing.


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