Apocalypse : A New Dawn

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Apocalypse : A New Dawn
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2018


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It's been 50 years since the wipeout.50 brutal years.50 years since Earth got angry 50 years since everything was lost.50 years since men became nothing more than animals. 50 years since anarchy covered everything. 50 years since humans are prey and not predators.50 years since reality and imagination has melded.50 years since truth and false are no more than beliefs.50 year since people lost faith in god's.50 years since earth is not home but hell.50 years since everyone was wiped out.
50 years since death is sweeter than life...
And 50 years since people learned, you need to kill to live.

Please don't rate unless you have read the story and are somewhat in...
Honestly, I have no idea about the story. It's based in post- apocalypse period. Some bit of fantasy, system, magic, and realism will be shoved in. Pardon my mistakes and Poor Grammar as I will be typing this on my mobile. I will try to get the basic editing done, but autocorrect has a peculiar hatred for me.

P.S : I know the synopsis sucks. LolAnyway...have fun.


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